Arrow Making Courses

Choose between an authentic replica or a full set of Medieval style arrows to go with your new longbow

This one introductory day course will take you through making your own arrow shafts by hand from straight grained ash. You will learn how to cut the nock.

Our fletchers will then teach you the secrets of shaping the feathers into fletchings and then whipping them to the shaft.

The aim of the day is to make a full set of 6 arrows which will be ready to shoot!

Intro to

Arrow Making

Learn how to make medieval arrows but with a modern take.



military Arrow Making

A one day course to teach you the traditional way to make arrow.



This one day course will teach you how to make your own medieval replica arrow 100% by hand. We start with learning how to hand plane the shaft before inserting cow horn for strength and shaping the nock.

Our craftsmen will then teach you the secrets of hand fletching using traditional glue, shaping the feathers into fletchings and then whipping them to the shaft.

You will in addition spend part of the day in the forge to make a bodkin for your military arrow.

The aim of this course is to make a heavy military arrow suitable for war-bows or display

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