Entry Level Medieval Style Arrows


11/32 Ash or Poplar Shaft

Choose your fletching colours

Field target pile fitted as standard

32″ long

Set of 6

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Our self nocked 11/32″ medieval style arrows (unspined) are made from quality materials starting with straight grained ash or poplar. We hand cut 6″ feathers and bind the quills as standard and finish with oil.

Arrows are supplied at 32″ long as standard with a target style pile. Heads can be left unfitted should you wish to cut the arrow down or you can request that we do it for you at no extra cost.

All arrows are hand made and to order to please expect a small delay and small variations to the example image

Sold in sets of 6

Additional information

Arrow shaft

Ash, Poplar

Cock feather

White, Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow

Hen feathers

White, Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow


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