Next Generation Fire Extinguisher


Introducing the next generation of fire extinguishers. With the point and shoot design these light weight extinguishers can be operated by anyone and used at any angle, even upside down. Non-pressurised and eco-friendly, they shoot a gel with a cooling agent that can be used to extinguish categories A, B, F and Electrical fires. These are suitable for use in vehicles, boats, offices, caravans, homes and with tradesmen.

After use the biodegradable gel can be wiped clean with water and the empty bottles can be disposed of in house hold waste removing the need for a specialist to be paid to take away.

Maintenance free, no need for annual inspections, easy to use, 100% recyclable and a shelf life of up to 4 years. See the video below to see one in action



Why is an archery site selling a fire extinguisher? We have these within both our bow making workshop and metal work forge as they will handle a wide category of fire types without need for training or maintenance. We feel that these will be perfect for our customers whether that is for Re-enactment, in the car, at events or even at home. Smaller than a “normal” fire extinguisher with the same capacity but a fraction of the weight, this is perfect for having close by to your camp kitchen or fire just in case.


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