1346 English Longbow ArcherY Experience

Experience the legendary English Longbow as it lay waste to the French army during the battle of Crecy, and find out why this formidable weapon was the height of technology, not just “bows and arrows”

Experience the legendary English Longbow as it lay waste to the French army during the battle of Crecy, and find out why this formidable weapon was the height of technology, not just “bows and arrows” 

Let us guide you into the past during our 1346 experience day as we take you on an exciting journey to experience the awesome power of the weapon that dominated the battle fields of Medieval history from the Battle of Crécy, the Battle of Agincourt and beyond. 

The Mighty English Longbow.

Our 1346 Longbow Experience Day is designed to immerse you in history while shooting our hand crafted English longbows and arrows while experiencing life on and off the battlefield that eventually led to the English victory at Crécy

If you’re expecting a simple archery session, think again!

As you step back into the Middle Ages, our friendly guide, seemingly straight from 1346, welcomes you and leads the way to our Medieval encampment. 

Before we hand you over to our master archers, you can relax and hear some more about the day ahead in our period tents over some light refreshments. Served in hand made medieval cups of course.  

Your archery experience begins after this when you can enjoy your archery lessons with your instructors. 

You will learn the skills that you need to handle the mighty English Longbow as your instructor teaches you the skills of a Medieval archer.

Can you prove yourself to be worth your coin? If you can you will be issued a company surcoat to be proudly worn as part of your garrison. 

Not only will you receive your wages, you will compete for more hand stamped silver coins throughout the day. But be sure to look after them as you will need to barter safe passage through your travels.

Break for lunch and enjoy the delights of working class cuisine, a hot pottage and if you are very lucky, perhaps some meat and even some pepper! This is no afternoon tea! You can expect to experience how English archers ate as they awaited their time to go into battle.

Our Archery Experience Days have limited availability so book early!

Spend a day on a Now Strike Archery experience day  as we teach you to use an authentic English longbow, and learn the history behind it. 

Feel the power of the weapon that dominated warfare for over 300 years while raising the common man into the upper echelons of infamy and thrusting our steel tipped arrows into the nightmares of our enemies.

Our Immersive Medieval English Longbow Experiences runs on selected days throughout the summer-autumn months, with weekends filling up quickly, so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

Due to the nature of the day, we are exclusively offering availability throughout the warmer months of the year. Suitable for ages 8+

Outdoor experiences take place at our partner venues within a radius around Chelmsford and not at our office address. Please take note of the address via the confirmation email

1346 Archery Experience

£149 p/person

5 hour experience


We went for a longbow experience day and it was great – even better than expected. The organisers had put a lot of thought into the day so it was fun, engaging, and we learnt a lot too. Definitely recommend.

Jethro Thompson

The pitch was excellent, not too heavy and connected with the archery. Everyone enjoyed the tour through the battle and its relevance to the Long Bow. As adult spectators, the family thought it was really fun. As for Sam, he has remembered all of the key facts and has already started telling his friends.

I would like to say it was a fantastic day and both Kay and myself enjoyed it thoroughly. Issuing coins was a good idea and made it a bit more competitive without being to serious. I might even book the same event myself again it was so enjoyable 

Dave and Kay

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